Tips on animation

Tips on animation and how it can be created and used

Sometimes our creative process is entirely blocked, and it seems that we cannot move further. The greatest frustration of this process is the fact that when this happens for some reason, our budget seems to shrink by the minute. If this is what is happening to you, then these tips are going to help you get through this process of artistic frustration, further examples of great animation here

Nowadays, our audience wants a more sophisticated animated performance. When this happens as I mentioned
before budgets reduce by the minute and deadlines close in with the speed o light. The animation world is such a competitive place, but I genuinely believe that each artist brings its own feeling of uniqueness to their work.

The first piece of good news that I am going to tell you is that many concepts regarding character animation will never change like the twelve principles of Disney┬┤s old men. It is entirely necessary that every animator to grow with the industry and for him or her continue to improve themselves. Another factor to keep in mind, that I believe that it is right for any artist, is the fact, it is a requirement for every animator never to let the creative spark burn out, what I mean is always search for inspiration wherever you can find it. Take drawing courses from fellow artists, go downtown and walk, sit down on a bench and just draw. Now, let’s begin with the tips.

01. Always work on every acting shot one phrase per scene.

It is crucial for your work to be clear on every scene and that it has a smooth flow, especially when you are just
starting your career. It is vital to mention that the characters need to have a certain rhythm when creating a scene.

02. Loosen up your characters

Do not key the whole body of your character when your characters make contact because most of the time in a film the point of contact will not occur on twenty-four fps

03. Remember that Playblasting always makes you waste precious time

Relax! I know that nothing replaces you viewing your work live at full speed, but productivity levels need to be
kept in check. I can assure that you loose hours of productivity when you are waiting to watch the previews of work. I urge you to hide everything that you have in your scene except for your character and hit Play. Endorsed by