How to create an animation and use it?

How to create an animation and use it?


Animations can be created through many software and technological transactions. Photoshop, power point and revit all are the software that can create splendid animations for you. For each and every software, there is different style of creating an animation. In photoshop, following procedure has to be followed:

1. Upload your images to photoshop

The first and foremost step in the photoshop is to upload your image. Whether the image is Jpg or jnp or any other format, you have to upload it first

2. Open up the timeline window

Open up the timeline window, add the uploaded photos into it and wait for forming a timeline. The timeline will include all the pictures in an organized manner

3. In the timeline window, create frame animation

In the timeline window, you have the option of creating a frame animation. The frame animation will take a little time for its formation but one thing should be kept in mind while framing an animation all the pictures should be in a same size.

4. Create a new layer for each frame

There should be a new layer for each frame while setting an animation and for these you have to adjust setting in the timeline window and at the last you can create a final render of the animation.

Similarly, the animation can be created on revit for architectural purposes. Some of the following mechanisms are as follows:

Creating an animation in Revit.

Revit is a software technology that is used to create 3d, 4d and 5d models and for creating an animation, you have to select the render and from the application menu, you will select create an animation task. The selected task will generate an animation of the project and within thirty minutes, you will have a beautiful animation that will be covering your interior, exterior and even 3d if you wish to show.

Cartoon’s animation

A cartoon animation is usually created in a digital software that is available in the film or animation industry. Cartoons are fun for children and adults sometimes. There is a huge caretaking of the business and in the coming time, the idea has been fostered by applying 3d and 5d frames to the cartoons for family relish and fun.

Uses of animation

These animations can be used in many ways. For engineering purposes, the animation can be used to present the intrinsic details of a project. Clients, who wish to work with engineers often get amazed by the efficient tactics of revit’s animation. For research and academic purposes, the animation can be presented as well and learned as well.

For entertainment and amusement. Cartoon serve a very comforting time to the children these days. The parents are often embedded in house work and they cannot provide enough time to the children. But no need to worry as animations, in terms of cartoons are present for the children.